My E-book Freelance Fee Setting: Quick Guide…

In February 2012, I published my e-book Freelance Fee Setting: Quick Guide for When a Client Demands a Price NOW. It is available wherever e-books are sold.

I thought I had written everything that could be said about fees in my award-winning book What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants. Indeed I had. But that book does not serve the needs of all freelancers. When a client insists on a quick quote for a job, a freelancer does not have time to read an entire book. The e-book provides easy-to-access information to serve the needs of a freelancer in this situation.

Freelance Fee Setting: Quick Guide for When a Client Demands a Price NOW presents fee settingĀ  as a three-step process: (1) get details about the job, including the going rate for this type of work; (2) weigh the pros and cons of different pricing methods, such as hourly rates or flat project fees; (3) determine a price and a negotiating strategy. Following this process, the freelancer will be able to name a fair price for a particular assignment.

Because pricing is so much more than quoting a fee for a given job, freelancers will want to study and apply the other advice in What to Charge. That book goes beyond the areas covered in Freelance Fee Setting to explore essential matters such as contracts, time tracking, and analyzing the pricing experience at the end of a job and the end of the year.


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