My book What to Charge

I am the author of What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants. The first edition was published in 2000, the second in 2011. What to Charge was selected as a finalist in the Business: Writing and Publishing category of the USA Best Books 2011 awards. 

The book is unique because it offers strategies for freelancers to set and evaluate fees. Because the book is strategy based, it will never go out of date. It stood the test of the economic recession that began in 2008. The main reason I revised the book was that anything having to do with computers was outdated. Remember, many people were still using WordPerfect when I wrote the first edition, and the term “social networking” hadn’t been invented yet.

What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants has 15 chapters:

  1. Introduction: The Big Dilemma
  2. Methods of Pricing: Not Just by the Hour
  3. Task-Based Logs: The Most Useful Method of Record Keeping
  4. Going After the Going Rate: How to Identify Typical Fees
  5. Preparing to Price: Gathering Information About the Job
  6. Project Rates: Fair and Fat Flat Fees
  7. Case Study: A Successful Project Rate
  8. Negotiating: Know Your Bottom Line
  9. Contracts and Letters of Agreement: Beyond a Handshake
  10. When You Lose a Job: Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk
  11. End-of-Job Analysis: How Well Did You Do?
  12. Year-End Analysis: Comparing Clients Side by Side
  13. Increasing Your Fees: Stress-Free Ways to Give Yourself a Raise
  14. Frequently Asked Questions: Important Points Not Covered Elsewhere
  15. Final Thoughts: The Science and Art of Pricing

My ears are burning with all the great things readers are saying about What to Charge. A few examples:

  • “A very helpful resource for freelance writers and consultants trying to figure out what to charge.”
  • “I love the principle-based, methodical approach.”
  • “This book is great! I’ve never seen anyone address the process before—things like calculating best and worst case scenarios.”
  • “This book is tremendously down to earth.”
  • “The sample letter of agreement alone is worth the book’s modest price.”
  • “The first edition was great. The new edition is even better.”

Comments of these readers are validated by the awards that What to Charge has accumulated. The honors include:

  • 2011 USA Best Books Awards—Finalist, Business: Writing and Publishing category
  • 2011 Reader Views Literary awards—First place (tie) Business/Sales/Economics category AND Second place, Writing and Publication category

To learn more about What to Charge,  go to my author page at There, you can not only read about the book; you also can hear about it.

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  1. Good of you to share!

    Would you mind if I translated a small portion of this post on my German blog? I’d give you full credit for it – no question about it.

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