Freelance Medical Writer and Editor

I am proud to have celebrated my silver anniversary as a freelance editor and writer. My specialty is medicine. It’s a vast, exciting field, and I never get bored. I like to joke that I have an MD-ABD.

I write and edit for all audiences. One day I might be working on a highly technical paper for physicians, and the next day I might be translating that information into a language and format appropriate for Joe from Peoria.

In addition, I work in many media forms. I have written and edited books, articles, pamphlets, brochures, and other printed material. My work is scattered all over the Web; some has my name on it, most doesn’t. I’ve worked on media kits, slide presentations, and numerous other forms of communication. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

Some work I created for print is on the web. I find that’s a good way for potential clients to see my work.

For example, I have produced five special supplements for the American Journal of Nursing, editing most articles and writing others, as well as serving as managing editor for the entire project. You can access the supplement on diabetes self-management at

For five years I served as managing editor of Nurse Practitioner World News. Again, I edited some articles and wrote others. Check out this link: I especially like the cover story I wrote about a nurse practitioner responding to the earthquake in Haiti. The article on pages 6 and 7 was written by a committee of Dutch nurses, so it needed my editor’s magic.

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