New Guide Free for a Limited Time

My newest e-book, Freelance With Confidence: 50 Proven Tips for a Successful Freelance Career, is now available exclusively for Amazon Kindle readers. It will be free for three days starting Tuesday, February 18.

The tips are divided into five groups:

  • 10 crucial things to remember about freelancing
  • 10 start-up instructions for new freelancers
  • 10 reminders about working alone and as part of a team
  • 10 pointers for keeping up in a technology-driven world
  • 10 insights about freelancing as a lifestyle

For more information or to order the booklet, go to

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  1. Admin Team says:

    Wonderful, Laurie! Thank you for letting NAIWE members know. We’ll spread the news, and of course, we’ll read it, too!

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