Tracking Sales of Your Books

Do you know how to track sales of your books in real time using Amazon. com? That’s the topic of an article I wrote for (It’s OK, men; you can read it too!) Find the article here:

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  1. Alojamiento says:

    As part of the business side of publishing, one of the many things self-published authors have to keep track of is their book sales.

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  3. Terrific article, Laurie. Thanks for sharing it! Tracking stats can help you decide not only which types of marketing work well, but also which information is most needed and what your readers might like to see next.

    I use Google Analytics to track website stats, and it helped me decide which of my book projects to put on the front burner and which to let simmer a little longer. People have a need for certain types of information, and if they’re coming to my site looking for it, then it may be something I should provide.

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