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Finally Connected

Monday, June 4th, 2012

I’ve never been an early adapter. In fact, I’m just the opposite. I tend to wait so long that the bandwagon has almost left before I finally jump on.

I also am averse to the interconnectedness that characterizes the modern world. Social media—why bother? If it weren’t for NAIWE, I wouldn’t even have a blog.

Yet I have been hearing over and over about the value of LinkedIn. So I finally jumped on that bandwagon—long after LinkedIn became popular as a way to connect with other freelance writers and editors and potential clients.

I’ve been on LinkedIn for about 6 weeks now—too early to come to firm conclusions. I will say, though, that I don’t hate it. I appreciate the way seasoned freelancers share their knowledge and experience, especially with those who have less experience. I like the concept of being able to pose a question and, possibly, get responses in a matter of hours.

Several people have mentioned my books in LinkedIn groups, and I’ve seen immediate increases in sales. When I post a comment about my books, nothing happens. Clearly, members want to hear unbiased opinions before they take the next step. That makes me wonder if anyone can actually succeed in self-promotion using social media.

With so many people participating in the same forums, I can’t see how job opportunities arise. I’m not actively looking for work on LinkedIn, however, so I am only guessing.

The one thing I most appreciate about the discussions is the lack of time pressure. Some threads have been open for months, and people are still talking about the topic. I imagine that the delay in some postings is because work takes precedence. That’t a good thing. I’d hate to think that people are connecting through social media rather than making a living.