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New Tool for Freelance Fees

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Earlier this week my new ebook, Freelance Fee Setting: Quick Guide for When a Client Demands a Price NOW, debuted on Kindle. It will soon be available for other ebook readers.

I already wrote one book—many people say THE book—on pricing. So why do another?

Freelance Fee Setting is quite different in scope and purpose from my other book, What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants. Whereas What to Charge deals with the entire gamut of pricing, Freelance Fee Setting is more limited. The new book looks only at the first part of the picture: how to price a particular job. It’s an easy-to-use tool, consisting of many lists to  help a freelancer come up with a price quickly. Fee setting becomes a 1-2-3 process: (1) ask questions to understand the job better; (2) weigh the pros and cons of different methods of pricing; (3) plan a negotiating strategy.

All of these topics also are covered in more detail, with extensive examples, in What to Charge. But a freelancer who has to quickly name a price doesn’t have time to study examples. When a client is waiting impatiently for a quote, a checklist to guide the price-setting process is more useful. That is the motivation behind the new book, Freelance Fee Setting.